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About Jen
The founder of Moonstone Ventures, Jen is a Certified Martha Beck and Equus Coach and earned an MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability from Antioch University New England. Jen has spent over 15 years in the non-profit sector working as a consultant, executive director and environmental educator. She lives on the Moonstone Farm property with her husband Josh and son Sam.

Moonstone Ventures coaching & consulting provides strategic support to help you navigate change. 

Whether you are inspired to create change in your personal life, career, business or community OR you are in a position to respond to an externally driven change…. you have the ability to lead yourself and those around you to action. Our coaching methods help you gain clarity of purpose, identify roadblocks and limiting beliefs, and develop tools and techniques to achieve your desired goals. Crucial to this process is fostering life balance and fulfillment through invigorating passions, connecting with nature, and investing time in rest and play.

Programs and Services

1:1 Executive Coaching
Individual coaching/ mentoring sessions providing strategic support for entrepreneurs, non-profit and community leaders, and household CEO’s.

Equus Coaching


Jennifer Visitacion is owner of Moonstone Ventures and is actively involved in the sustainability movement happening across the nation. She lives in Salida, Colorado with her husband and child or some text of this nature. Drop her a line.