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About Jen
The founder of Moonstone Ventures, Jen is a Certified Martha Beck and Equus Coach and earned an MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability from Antioch University New England. Jen has spent over 15 years in the non-profit sector working as a consultant, executive director and environmental educator. She lives on the Moonstone Farm property with her husband Josh and son Sam.

Moonstone Farm MoonstoneFarm_LOGO

The Moonstone Farm is a 10,000 square foot field adjacent to the Moonstone cottage.  It provides organic food for Jennifer and her family, and some food is sold to other families and businesses in Salida.  It is a completely organic farm, without use of pesticides, weed killers, or genetically modified seeds.  Part of the space is also used by the community, for individual and group projects.

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About Moonstone Farm

Moonstone from Jennifer Visitacion on Vimeo.

BarnRaiser Fundraising Campaign

Moonstone Ventures will be kickstarting a BarnRaiser Campaign to raise funds for our humble farm.  The funding will go towards infrastructure upgrades needed on the property, most importantly being horse housing and pens to support Barbie Slew!  Shortly the campaign will be up and running, and donations can be made through the BarnRaiser website.  For now, check out other BarnRaiser campaigns while we get ours up.  Go to barnraiser.us.

New addition to the Moonstone Family!!!

We would love to announce the new addition of Barbie Slew Inez Tucker Visitacion to our Moonstone Family!  She is a 16 hand Thoroughbred horse who is granddaughter to Triple Crown Winner Secretariat.


Community Supported Agriculture

At Moonstone farm, it is not only Jen and her family who use the farm, as the surrounding Salida community also plants, harvests, and eats from the food produced there.  There is a common area where individual projects can happen within the fences of Moonstone Farm.

 Farmhands and Internships

Interested in working on the farm or as an intern?  Please contact jen@moonstoneventures.com for inquiries and details about what it takes to be on the Moonstone team.

Jennifer Visitacion is owner of Moonstone Ventures and is actively involved in the sustainability movement happening across the nation. She lives in Salida, Colorado with her husband and child or some text of this nature. Drop her a line.