I'm Jen Visitacion,  Founder and CEO of Moonstone Ventures, providing executive coaching, organizational and leadership development/ sustainability programs & retreats for women entrepreneurs.

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My Story

I was born and raised in Colorado and received my undergraduate degree from Colorado State University, a B.S. in Natural Resources Recreation & Tourism with a concentration in Environmental Interpretation (way back in 1997).  Following, I spent the bulk of my career  in the non-profit sector serving in the roles of  educator, facilitator,  executive director, and board member. 

In 2010, I completed my MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability and my Life Coaching Certification and with a toddler in tow I set out with my family to start Moonstone Ventures in beautiful Salida, Colorado (the Heart of the Rockies).  My dream and vision was to create a farm and retreat center where we could raise our family, contribute to community, and build my coaching and consulting practice.

Over the past 10+ years, while building Moonstone and serving individual coaching/consulting clients-   I immersed myself in our local community- serving as the Executive Director (2011-2018) for Guidestone Colorado, developing our local farm to school program and providing business development services for beginning and transitioning farmers. In 2015, I was elected to our local School Board and served as President and Vice President during my last two years of service.

Throughout the development of Moonstone, the core vision has stayed the same- even when I have pivoted my focus.  What I've learned about my business is that its not a linear process, but more an evolution through change, challenge, opportunity and growth.

I am beyond lucky to have had amazing coaches, mentors, and instructors who have inspired me to keep learning, growing and shifting as my life and business evolve.

Today, I am so proud of  what we have created as a community and as a family. 

  • I get to be a witness and support to women entrepreneurs stepping into their leadership capacity and building the life and business they dream about.
  • Moonstone Farm is bursting with fresh produce, flowers and herbs and our farm family members get to enjoy the bounty of the harvest each week during the summer months. 
  • Our farm retreat cottage is available for personal, team, and family retreats and VIP Days for coaching clients (and its my favorite place to work!).  
  • I'm part of an awesome herd of Equus Coaches (certified  by the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching) and I get to partner with an amazing local farm and equine facility to provide private equus coaching sessions and retreats.
  • I've had the absolute privilege  and joy of being Sam's mom, Josh's partner in life , Aunt Jen, sister, cousin,  daughter, niece, friend,  colleague and lover of dogs, horses, nature and adventure.

While the journey has been a long and winding road- with bumps and potholes I won't get into here, I sit today in the midst of a life that was once just a dream. 

For that and all the lessons along the way and still to come, I am grateful.

Thank you for reading my story:)

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