Hello, I'm Jen Visitacion, owner of Moonstone Ventures and I'm so glad you found us!

Moonstone Ventures is a Farm Retreat and Leadership School dedicated to cultivating creative, mindful and resilient leaders.

I started Moonstone in 2010 with a background in Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education married with a MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability.  

I had a vision for creating both a Leadership Coaching/ Facilitation Business and a Farm & Retreat Center that would be the physical home of our work.

For the past ten years, the Farm and our local community has become more than this vision, this project, this journey....it has become our home where we have watched our son grow from age 3 to 13, where we've welcomed new members into our farm family, and grieved the ones who have left us.

Throughout this decade, we have been immersed in learning  about the  opportunities of local agriculture and the challenges that small family farmers and ranchers face in growing and sustaining their businesses.  We have learned about the issues that small rural communities face in access to health care, mental health support, affordable housing and providing a quality and effective public education system for students of all abilities.  We have witnessed firsthand both fragility and incredible resilience of the natural landscape and ecosystems surrounding.

All of this learning has broadened my perspective of what leadership looks like in an ever-changing social and ecological environment.  True leadership  isn't a title as much as a commitment to showing up and taking action to get results.

With over 25 years experience leading, coaching, and consulting in the non-profit, business and public sectors, I am more committed than ever to the vision of Moonstone Ventures, by creating  space (both physically and virtually) to support aspiring and seasoned leaders in their personal and professional development.

Check out our Leadership School for course offerings, workshops & retreats or private 1:1 coaching.

AND join us at the farm for an Equus Coaching session, Equine experience, personal retreat or family celebration! 

We hope you will join us and 
Lead the Charge
to create the change you want to see in your life and life's work!

With Gratitude,

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