The Art of 

Personal Leadership

Equus Workshop

October 26, 2019

“I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential”

-Brene Brown, Dare to Lead

Join us for a one-day Equus Coaching® retreat
The Art of Personal Leadership

October 26, 2019, 9am to 5pm-
Registration Fee- $297 includes course 
materials & lunch.
Wildsong Ranch, Longmont, CO
Facilitated by, Jennifer Visitacion- Leadership & Business Coach, Moonstone Ventures, LLC

*Jen is thrilled to have Koelle Simpson, Founder of the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching®, on-site to mentor this workshop! 

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Whether you are navigating your own life’s journey, or leading a family, business or community initiative, each of those endeavors require you to develop self awareness, self confidence, and the belief in your capacity to take the next step.


Personal leadership is the ability to know what makes you tick, and what gets in your way.  To be clear on your values and needs, and to set healthy boundaries that allow you to have strong, connected relationships.


When we take responsibility and have the courage to grow our own potential, our capacity to see the potential in others multiplies.  

The Art of Personal Leadership retreat is designed to cultivate self awareness, build self confidence, and hone in on their vision for creating the life, business or movement you dream about.  Participants will experience working with horses as an opportunity to gain clarity on vision, strengthen communication, and build a solid foundation of self connection.


This retreat is only open to six participants-

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About Equus Coaching®

From the Koelle Institute-

Equus Coaching® is a dynamic approach to personal transformation that combines world-class life coaching with the timeless wisdom of the natural world.

In partnership with horses, Equus Coaches guide others on a profound and personal journey to discover their own true nature and gain a vivid awareness of the patterns that shape our lives and world.

Equus Coaching is:

  • an immersive learning experience with horses through communication interactions from the ground

  • a dynamic approach to personal transformation

  • a profound personal journey to discover your own true nature”

About Jen...

Jennifer Tucker Visitacion is a Business, Leadership & Life Coach and the founder/owner of Moonstone Ventures, LLC.

Jen specializes in working with entrepreneurs and leaders in: 

Health, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Youth & Family Services, Family Business, Non-Profit, and Government Organizations

Jen  holds a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on organizational and environmental sustainability. Jen is a Certified Life Coach through Martha Beck Institute and Certified Equus Coach through the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. 

If you have questions about this retreat or other coaching opportunities, email or schedule a 30 minute discovery call by clicking below: