Leadership Retreat

Costa Rica

October 2020

September 23 - March 20

Business & Leadership Master Class 

The world needs more fearless leaders who are ready to change the trajectory by taking their ideas & dreams to the next level.

Are you ready to Lead the Charge?

Pathfinder Posse is a group coaching program dedicated to helping you break through the barriers that are holding you back so you can lead from a space of possibility and vision  in life, business and in community.

Beginning September 23 (fall equinox) and ending March 20th (spring equinox)

this program will dive into the following 6 focus areas:

Self As Leader
Visioning for Change
Profit for Good
People & Community

Nature & Nurture
Building Strategy & Recognizing Success


Your Posse will consist of a small group creative  entrepreneurs and community/ organizational leaders - so you are sure to get the 1:1 support you need.  This program is delivered online and through live video conference & webinars!



Is Pathfinder Posse the right fit for you? Let's chat!

Over the course of 6 months, you will get:

  • Weekly business & leadership focused webinars

  • Weekly live coaching office hours

  • 12 private 1:1 coaching sessions with Jen (video conference)

  • Weekly wellness and personal sustainability strategies


  • Quarterly check in calls throughout 2020 to help you stay on track.

  • Bonus interviews and insights from business and community leaders!

Your Investment:

$2800 (in full) or
$500 (monthly for 6 months)

+ your time, commitment, motivation and openness

Results you can count on.

You'll leave with:

  • A profitable and sustainable business or personal strategic plan

  • A one-year action plan to keep up the momentum

  • Confidence to create and lead

  • A community of support to cheer you on

  • New daily habits that will keep you motivated & rejuvenated

Meet Jen,
your Posse Leader

Jennifer Tucker Visitacion is a Business, Leadership & Life Coach and the founder/owner of Moonstone Ventures, LLC.

Jen specializes in working with entrepreneurs and leaders in: 

Health, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Youth & Family Services, Family Business, Non-Profit, and Government Organizations

Jen  holds a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on organizational and environmental sustainability and is a Certified Life Coach through Martha Beck Institute and Certified Equus Coach through the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. 

This program IS for you if....

  • You know that business can be a force of good and you are committed to finding that path!

  • You want your leadership at home, at work or in your community to reflect positive vision and change, not fear or greed.

  • You see a vision for a world that is more fair, equitable and healthy for all people and are looking for pathways to foster this.

  • You care deeply about the health of our environment and its sustainability for future generations.

  • You are open to diverse perspectives and philosophies and willing to support others on their journey.

  • You are willing to do the deep personal work and exploration to dissolve your limiting beliefs and develop a mindset of possibility.

  • You have a spirit of adventure and want your life's work to be fulfilling AND provide you with time to live, love, and explore.

  • You want support to break the  cycle of blame and/or  judgement of others that is distracting you from your own important work.

This program IS NOT for you if....

  • You are not willing to take personal responsibility for your actions and decisions.

  • You aren't able or willing to make this investment of time, energy and resources in support of your goals and those of your peers in the pathfinder community. 

Still wondering if Pathfinder Posse is right for you? Schedule a call and let's chat!