Clean and Clear

Spring Break brings hope for warmer weather, permission to rest and recreate for a few days, and visions of cleaning out clutter!

Looking at the most cluttered spaces in my home, I recognize that those spaces are truly a reflection of how much mental clutter I have going on!

How about you?

Did you know, by taking action and cleaning out the physical spaces....that will give more mental bandwidth and capacity?

Same with the flip side...

By cleaning out the mental clutter- that will create more capacity to keep our living spaces clean and clear!

So, here is a fun exercise for you....

1. Pick the most cluttered space or spot in your home. 2. Describe it in three to five adjectives or thoughts. 3. Notice, is there anywhere else in your life that fits that description?

Here is an example.

1. Our Barn 2. Has great potential for creative space, filled with valuable things we don't utilize, filled with items from the past we need to let go of. 3. Ok- just as I listed those thoughts...I can think of several areas in my life where I feel creative potential, have value that is not being utilized, and thoughts and items I want to let go of!

Juicy right?

Now you try....and let me know how it goes for you!

I'm off to clean out my barn and gain more clarity!

xoxox Jen