Is Your Pantry Half Full or Half Empty

This past week, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Errin Weisman- physician turned life coach. She was sharing how the transition from her regular paycheck to becoming an entrepreneur has been a difficult and challenging one. She also shared that she and her family have done a pantry challenge.....challenging themselves to eat down their pantry!

We talked about the emotions and feelings that came up for them as their cupboards became bare....and all of the emotions and feelings that come up for most of us around our money beliefs....such as:

fear of not having enough insecurity worry stress anxiety

And all the shoulds and should nots (should have savings, should not have debt, etc... you get the point).

We also talked about how its really our thoughts about our circumstances that create the negative emotions....the circumstance itself is fairly neutral.

For example- the pantry! One person might see empty shelves as freedom, or an opportunity to only fill those shelves with necessary and healthy items. Another person might see empty shelves as a sign of not having enough. Same shelves, same amount of food. Just different thoughts, beliefs and past experiences that drive those feelings.

The great news is that if you want to change your circumstance or your feelings- it can ALWAYS start with changing your thoughts.

I'm going to dedicate the Month of March to - Mastering Our Money Mindsets! So many of my clients, friends and colleagues are bumping up against limiting beliefs that are holding them back from feeling peace in their current financial situation. I have had to work through so much fear and shame about money and continue to do so, whenever new situations arise.

I'd love to support you in helping to Master Your Money Mindset in, that is a lot of M's.

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