"No more hiding. No more slouching down in the back row. No more waiting on the sidelines. This is your one, precious life. Show up for it." - Susan Hyatt, BARE

My son handed me a permission slip the other day.

It was a permission slip to go on a field trip to explore an art exhibit.

I signed it.

Why? I want him to experience all that life has to offer and all the opportunities that land in front of him. I want to see if he gets excited about art or if he zones out. I want him to navigate his social relationships at school in a new setting.

It was an easy decision. He's a kid and it is part of school.

Now if the opportunity was flipped and I was asking for permission to go on a field trip or take an opportunity, even for work, here is what I would navigate:

Do I have the time?

Is it in my budget?

Can I find support to take care of the things at home/work?

Does it fit into my priorities?

Let's face it, as adults we have more layers to our decision making.

Some of these layers are just part of the reality of being a grown up.

AND sometimes we have difficulty making decisions because we are still waiting for someone else to give us permission.

Here is the deal-

You don't need a permission slip to love your life your way.

That permission slip has already been signed.

All you need is a clear map, your internal compass, the willingness to dance in possibility, the courage to take the first step, and the strength to let go of what is holding you back.

Here is a challenge for you this weekend:

- Make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, water, or beverage of choice.

- Grab a piece of paper.

- Set your timer for 5 minutes.

- Brainstorm all the field trips you'd like to go on until your timer goes off.

- Choose one field trip

- What would it take to give yourself permission to get it on the calendar?

Let me know...

Happy Friday,