Self Trust

Self trust is the essence of heroism.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week in my business mastermind for women entrepreneurs, the Pathfinder Posse, we are focused on the importance of cultivating self awareness as a mechanism to strengthen our unique leadership styles in life and work.

The key components of cultivating self awareness are:

  • Tracking and aligning our essential self (our preferences, DNA, our true nature) and our social self (the ways in which we adapt to our environment, achieve our goals, please others, etc.). -terms coined by Martha Beck

  • Knowing our core values and aligning with our character traits.

  • Understanding what motivates life, in business, in relationships.

  • Honing in on our desires for ourselves and others

  • Developing a healthy mindset- clearing the mind of clutter, thoughts and stories that no longer serve.

The purpose of all of this being that the more self aware you become....the easier it becomes to trust yourself and your intuition to make choices and decisions that will serve you.

I was recently watching a Ted Talk from Rachel Botsman on the Economy of Trust.

In it she talks about "reputation capital" becoming a more important currency of the future as the world gets smaller and smaller through social media. She defines reputation capital as the worth of your reputation = your intentions + capabilities + values.

I love the idea of taking time to align these and deciding what reputation capital I want to create from now on.

How about you?

Happy Friday!



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