This past week I've been solo. But not really.

I've been in San Diego for an Equus Coaching Workshop. But first I spent three nights camping alone in our camper in route.

The first night I arrived kind of late and the family in the RV next to me- got out to help me "hook up" the camper. The next morning, another family offered help as I was wrestling with one of the hoses.

I was solo. But not really.

Back home there is a team that is keeping everything going. My husband- working a ton of shifts in a row because he took time off for family events. My son who has had more school/ community events packed into these two weeks then in the past 2 months and he's tracking most of it! My in-laws and my mom who have taken turns showing up to support our family this week. Our farm team who is lovingly taking care of the garden and horses and chickens...and they send me pics of everything that is going on Our horses and dogs continue to be just who they are without much expectation.

All of this is happening in my world. and I am solo But not really.

Because they are with me and I am with them. You are with me too...and I'm with you.


Happy Friday,