Training Your Mind

Hey you guys...I'm training for a marathon.

I've been doing this for awhile now....but haven't shared too much. Why?

The little mind monkeys that question whether this is doable and how much I will suffer before and after and during:)

I asked my two besties from college to join me. They are both incredible athletes who defy my understanding of what is possible for the human body to endure. They inspire me with their strength - not just what they've accomplished with their running - but how they live their lives whole heartedly in their work, their play and with their families. I love them....mostly because they make me laugh, but also because we have a 20+ year history together - sharing life and all of its highs and lows.

Darcy (one of these friends), is a running coach and therapist (and holds too many titles for me to count in her ultra running career!!!).

She recently posted this on her page...

"Training your mind is equally as important as training your body. ✨Having a mindfulness or sitting practice of 20-30 min/day can help to reduce stress, improve sleep, decrease anxiety, create more focus, in addition to SO many more benefits. We are typically never taught how to work with our minds. And 99.9% (or more) of the thoughts that stream through our heads are untrue.

So, for me, having a sitting practice is all about learning to work with the mind. It’s not about pushing thoughts away or getting rid of thoughts and feelings. Its about noticing them without judgment or attachment. Its about not following the stories our mind creates down the “rabbit hole”.

And a sitting practice can be SO simple. It can be just a practice of non-doing.

Sit comfortably, with a straight spine and watch the breath. Nothing more. Find a comfy place in your house to sit, set a timer, and just be. 🙏💙

Just as it takes time to get fit in running, it takes time to find peace of mind."

Darcy Piceu


I'm giving myself permission to do this.

To be both excited AND to allow myself to be present throughout this this adventure.

To laugh hard with my girlfriends and to release my fear and anxiety of not being strong enough.

To train my body on the trail and my mind while sitting on my booty :)