Who's Business Is It?

"Mind Your Own Business"

I've said this to others.

I've heard it from others.

I've definitely thought it a lot.

But what does it really mean?

I think it was Byron Katie or Martha Beck that taught me about the three types of business.

My Business

Your Business

God/Nature's Business

So, what is my business?

Only the things I can control - what I think, how I feel, what I do. That's it!

So, what is your business?

Same thing for you... what YOU think, what you feel, what you do. That's it!

So, what is the business of God/Nature/Universe?

Everything else that we can't control.

Sounds simple right?

Let's put it into practice...

I leave the dishes in the sink... that is my business.

You feel frustrated about said dishes... that is your business.

Get it?

Not so much, right?

Let's take it a step further...

You ask me to be more mindful of putting dishes away... that is your business.

I value our relationship and your feelings, so I agree... that is my business.

Ahhhhh... subtle right?

Can you imagine a world where we all REALLY tended to our own business? Where we really tracked out thoughts and managed our feelings, focused on our own integrity and were intentional about our actions?

A world where someone else's opinion didn't derail your passion? Where someone else's actions didn't send you into a tail spin?

What would our relationships be like? What would our community be like?

Can you imagine how much more time we would all have to enjoy life and be of service to others? And how much more efficient and effective would we be in our work?

What would you let go of and what would you start doing?

I know some people who are incredible at this. They are far from selfish. They are mindful, loving, giving and contribute so much of themselves in so many ways.

Me, I'm still working on it.

So, perhaps this weekend we can all keep this question in the back of our minds...

Who's business is it?

Sending you lots of love and new freedom as you begin to untangle yourself from the business that is not yours and allowing yourself to focus on the business that is.

Happy Friday,