Are you currently navigating...

-a career change?
-the beginning or ending of a relationship?
-moving to a new location?
-becoming a new parent?
-loss of a loved one?
-some other life change?


You've heard the saying "the only thing constant is change”,  right? Yet somehow when we are required to respond to one, the process of "change" can leave us feeling out of control and vulnerable. How can something so natural and constant create such chaos?


This program is designed to help you navigate your transition through:

-​Honoring the nature of change
-Gaining clarity of intentions and desired outcomes 
-Developing techniques for self care, boundary setting, and re-creation.
-Dissolving and replacing painful thoughts that are not serving you
-Inner tracking
-Building personal resilience
-Celebration of milestones


Over a series of 8 classes- we will highlight some of the best coaching tools, nature metaphors, and self care techniques that will help you stay anchored while riding the waves of your transition.

Course Format:
The online course is a self study format that walks through the following 8 sessions with videos, podcasts, workbooks and special bonuses:


Session 1: Exploring the Nature of Change
Session 2: Getting a Clear Mental Picture 
Session 3: Creating Space for the Melt Down
Session 4: Choosing Thoughts Carefully 
Session 5: Following Your Body Compass
Session 6: Embracing Vulnerability
Session 7: Recognizing not Minimizing Your Results 
Session 8: Reflection


Self Study-  $99 (includes access to the online course)

Art of Navigating Change - Self Study


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