Playfully Strategic Support

for your life and business


a risky or daring undertaking

Hello and Welcome to Moonstone Ventures! 

We help spirited entrepreneurs design and lead their life and business venture(s) 
through cultivating creativity, mindfulness & resilience. 

I'm Jen Visitacion, Founder/Director and Lead Coach at Moonstone.  I have worked for over 20+ years supporting small and family-owned businesses, as well as non-profits and their leaders to build viable and sustainable business models that create a positive impact beyond the bottom line.

so, what does that look like?
it looks like....

Having a clear vision and strategies for achieving your personal and professional goals
Investing your time, money and energy in work that is aligned with your core values
Gaining financial success that allows you to invest in what matters most at home or in your community
Building strong, healthy & connected relationships, teams and networks
Strengthening your confidence and competence as a leader
Fostering more joy and freedom in your life & work

If you would like to learn more about how our coaching programs and services may support you in your life or business, please schedule a free 30 minute discovery call, check out our current offerings, and sign up for my weekly blog Friday Shift Change- playfully strategic insights and updates.

And hey...being an entrepreneur may be a risky and daring endeavor- but it doesn't mean you need to suffer through it.  It can be fun, creative, supported and most importantly....playfully strategic.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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