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Jen Visitacion

Business & Leadership Coach
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Gain Clarity and Traction through our
Backcasting Planning Process

Backcasting is a process that can be applied to big or small goals, projects or intentions. It's a process where we begin with our "desired state" in mind and work backwards, thinking of key "milestones" that you will hit along the way.

As we work backwards, we uncover a simple framework in how we can break down our goals/intentions into manageable steps, thus creating more clarity and purpose and less overwhelm and feeling stuck.


Welcome to Moonstone Ventures- Coaching and Retreats! Our purpose is to cultivate creative, mindful and resilient leaders at home at work and in community.

Hi, I'm Jen Visitacion, I am the founder and CEO of Moonstone Ventures and a playfully strategic coach and facilitator.

Our coaching services and programs support entrepreneurs and community leaders who are designing businesses and organizations with a purpose that transcends profitability to create positive change.

I chose Moonstone as our name as it symbolizes balance, renewal, self love, creativity, abundance, healing, and a supportive path to wisdom.

As your coach, this is what we cultivate together to create the business and life you have been envisioning, keeping your personal sustainability and playfulness at the forefront.

Let's Venture together!

I'd love to help you carve your path forward.

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Pathfinder Posse Membership

Monthly coaching and support for female entrepreneurs. This February, we are focusing on uncovering our core values and priorities so we can create daily, weekly and monthly routines and strategies for prioritizing what matters most in your life and business. Come join us!


Equus Coaching Experience

Equus Coaching is a simple yet transformative experience that combines life and leadership coaching with guided interactions with horses.  Equus Coaching provides a unique opportunity to observe and learn from the natural  wisdom and feedback of horses.


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