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I'm Jen Visitacion

I founded Moonstone Ventures with a purpose of cultivating more creative, mindful and resilient leaders at home, at work and in community. 

Through executive coaching and organizational and leadership development support,  I am passionate about supporting leaders, organizations and businesses to design a more sustainable path forward and create positive change for our communities and our environment.  

With nature as our mentor, we work together to hone in on your unique vision, explore creative solutions for navigating change, and focus on developing healthy practices for personal and organizational sustainability.

The world needs your vision and unique gifts and I want to help you carve that path forward, giving you the support you need to Lead the Charge.

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Gain Clarity & Focus through Private Coaching & Retreats

We support our clients in honing their unique vision and developing strategies that align their core values and practices to maximize positive impact. We work with executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders and teams through  private coaching (virtually or in-person) and through individual or group retreats. 

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