At Moonstone we are dedicated to cultivating creative, mindful and resilient leaders at home, at work and in community.
- Jen Visitacion, Founder 

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Backcasting Planning Process

Backcasting is a process that can be applied to big or small goals, projects or intentions. It's a process where we begin with our "desired state" in mind and work backwards, thinking of key "milestones" that you will hit along the way.

As we work backwards, we uncover a simple framework in how we can break down our goals/intentions into manageable steps, thus creating more clarity and purpose and less overwhelm and feeling stuck.


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We provide playfully strategic support for entrepreneurs and community leaders who are designing businesses, organizations and households that transcend profitability to create positive change.

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In our community of creative and multi-passionate, women entrepreneurs you'll find a soft place to land, and a fun and safe environment to explore, share and network. We'll cheer each other on as we gain the confidence and clarity to create and lead our lives and businesses in alignment with our values.  

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Coaching/ Facilitation Services

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We support our clients in honing their unique vision and developing strategies that align their core values and practices to maximize positive impact.  We work with executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders and teams through  private coaching (virtually or in-person) and private/ group retreats.  

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