Start Small, Think Big....Like Turtles

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2023


I can't think of a better mantra for this year or this weekend, backed up by this turtle and Michael Franti (inspiring singer songwriter - see link to song below).

Turtles have an amazing way of showing us how to stay the course with longevity, while moving tiny steps forward and taking breaks to bask in the sun.

This week, as I launched back into working with clients and trying to get technology and my body to agree with my big ideas, I was faced with the fact that things are going to move slower than I wanted them to (insert mini-temper tantrum).

Call it Mercury or Mars or Uranus (or all three) in retrograde- whatever it is, the message has been consistent to slow down to go fast.

It amazes me how easy I can forget...

I know I can trust that things always fall into alignment just in the right timeframe as long as I'm taking intentional action and taking care of myself.

Do you also have evidence for this?

When I push too hard, my body shuts down (or my computer). When I...

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New Year Shift Change

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2023
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An Invitation For Joy

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2022


Several years ago, I created a framework called the "Joy Harvest" model.   It was born from a desire to celebrate the end of the growing season in the fall and the beginning of the end of the year.

The premise is...  to cultivate joy, we must recognize a cycle of completion and create space for celebration. 

Essentially taking a breather from all the doing, creating, pleasing, judging, etc. 

I borrowed from the phrase- "you reap what you sow" and created an intentional reaping process to harvest the joy. 

Here is the simple framework:

R- Rest and Restore:
E- Explore & Energize
A- Appreciate & Align
P- Play with Purpose

What does all of that mean to you?

For me, it means being intentional about my daily routines, not getting caught up in external hype, saying no if something doesn't sound fun and saying yes if it does.  It means deciding on purpose what rituals matter to me and asking for what I want/need (without...

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Are You Blocked?


The other day, I was in the pasture with my horses and decided I would catch our gelding, Wizard, to spend some time with him.

He is a willing partner, always curious about what we might do together.  He doesn't hesitate to let me halter him, unless of course something spooks him.

I always take it easy, its not an abrupt or demanding process.  I invite him to participate and he lowers his head and I halter him up.  We breathe together and stand for a minute.

As we begin to walk, our mare (Barbie Slew), starts to get ahead of us and blocks our path.  I pivot and try to move around her and she pivots too.  It becomes a game of how far I can get around her before she blocks me again.  I can feel the frustration boiling up.

I'm definitely focusing on the "obstacle" and how to move around it.  I'm thinking about why she is blocking me.  Is it because she doesn't want me to take him?   Does she wish I was taking her?  WHAT is...

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Sense of Place

Finding beauty in a broken world is creating beauty
in the world we find.— Terry Tempest Williams


My new favorite morning ritual, after coffee, is to bundle up, grab the ball thrower and head out with the dogs to walk the perimeter of the farm.

In this walk, I'm not allowed to look at what needs to be done...
The only goal is to observe what is changing, what is consistent, and what is "new" to me.

This more present observation has served as a meditation and connecting force to provide a more secure sense of place.

Sense of place is defined as the meanings of and attachment to a place held by an individual or a community (Semken 2005) from Global Sustainability 2021.

It is through this meaning and attachment that we become committed to its health, vibrancy and stewardship.

So whether its your kitchen, backyard, or neighborhood block or even your website...might you consider cultivating a deeper sense of place with it (maybe just for a day)?


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On Purpose

Over the past several months, our Joy Harvest- Fall Leadership Council discussed how to incorporate personal sustainability strategies into business (and the business of life).

As we held our closing retreat this past week, we talked about honing in on "purpose" and how layered that word can be as not everyone feels a strong sense of purpose every day as they navigate the complexities of business development, leading families, and navigating a changing environment.

Oxford defines the action of purpose as " to have as one's intention or objective", which is a simple lens in which to define purpose in big or small ways as we enter a new year.

If having purpose simply means creating intentions,  doesn't that free us up to shift on purpose whenever we want to or need to depending on current circumstances  or circumstances we are hopeful to co-create?

All that being said, perhaps a life of purpose is one simply built on intentional action on behalf of what matters...

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Stewardship of Love

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2021

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

The capacity to hold love for something or someone, that deep sense of affection and care or wellbeing for another and then the capacity to let others hold that for us is far from a simple endeavor.

As I have been reflecting on this past year and the moments in which love has emerged or has been lost, I'm cultivating a deeper curiosity of how to become a better steward of love in all aspects of my life.

The word stewardship implies an active intention to care for and take care of,  so, what does stewardship of "love" look like?  I imagine it might look like keeping the fire lit for what feels most important and cultivating a deeper connections versus maintaining  transactional relationships with ourselves, with others, with our work and with our environment.

As we immerse ourselves in this season of giving, receiving, and engaging in...

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Prepare for Solstice:Ā out of darkness & into light

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2021


This Tuesday (12/21) will be the Winter Solstice- our darkest day of the year.  

It is my favorite time of the year to bring closure to the past and set intention for what we want to create and experience in the year to come.  As a practice, I like to incorporate the following "mini-retreat" recipe:

1. Prepare to honor the darkness  and welcome the light.  Life is full of dark, scary, painful times.  We must take time to properly honor and grieve what has been lost and cannot be recovered.  We must also acknowledge that darkness can be a time for rest and when we are rested, we are more prepared to welcome the light of new experiences, opportunities and possibility.  How can you carve out some time to honor the darkness and welcome in the light?

2.  Acknowledge the role of winter in the natural change cycle.  How some beings must shut down and  hibernate to save energy while  some plants and...

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Its the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021


The festive holiday season is upon us and if this gives you joy and you are all about it....that is awesome.  I want to see you in all of your holiday flare.

For many, this time of year can be very disruptive and the opposite of grounding.  It can bring up challenging family dynamics, emphasize grief and loss, and/or increase overwhelm and stress.

Wherever you sit - please know, you are not alone and I hope you can give yourself permission to be wherever you are at.  Be the sparkly joyful you....or cancel all plans and cozy up by the fire with a book.   You get to design EACH day to align with your values, integrity and personal health and wellbeing.  No one else can (or will) do that for you.

I took this picture of the sunrise over Moonstone Farm this week.  Each day the sun rises...that much is predictable (at least we hope so!).  How it rises, how it shows up, in all its glory, is different every day.


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Back to Square 1

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2021


I brought these two nutballs to the office with me a few days this week.  My husband Josh has been working the overnights at the hospital- so he's sleeping during the day and these two aren't having it.  

Rest/sleep is the MOST important activity in our house.   Without it we cannot sustain our energy for our priorities and our relationships.

It has hit me this week that I am actually sleep deprived- more than I realized.  With the welcoming of our new puppy Birdie- we haven't really had a good night sleep in 3 months.  I know that all new parents can relate...and more than once I've had the thought.. "I'm too old for this" :).


In addition, my kiddo is in high school now with a more mature social scene that requires me to stay up past my normal 8pm bed time to ensure everyone is where they need to be- at the time they need to be there.  

I recognize that I'm very much still in Square 1 of a new...

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