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Pathfinder Posse: Honing in on Leadership - August, 2023

Authentic leadership requires integrity which is the result of aligning your values and actions.Ā Pathfinder Posse is a membership program dedicated to helping you break through the barriers that are holding back so you can lead from a space ofĀ possibility and visionĀ whileĀ having fun inĀ the process. This month weĀ uncover your core values of leadership and narrow in on your own special sauce toĀ effectively take action and lead the charge in your life and business. Live online workshops on August 2, 9, 16 and 29 at 2pm mountain time.

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From Vision to Reality:
Simplify your Strategic Planning with Backcasting
August 21, 12pm

Simplify your strategic planning with a playful and innovative approach that starts with your desired outcomes. By working backward, you'll uncover key milestones and priorities, reducing overwhelm along the way.

Whether you're planning for the week, a project, or the next five years, backcasting will streamline the process. Break free from conventional thinking, unleash your inner innovator, and transform your future vision into actionable plans and projects.

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