Nature-Based Leadership & Intuitive Business Design for

July 29-31, 2024
The Steel Horse - A Colorado Retreat Center
Villa Grove, CO

As a woman in business, you lead with heart. 

You have passion and vision, but it’s easy to doubt yourself, given the noise and narrative that pushes traditional  business approaches that only focus on the financial aspects of business.

You know that something (a lot) is missing in that model, and you want to build a thriving, successful business with the compassion and vision you have as a female leader. You don’t want to lose sight of the core "why" you are doing this in the first place. You want to be profitable, but not at the expense of your values and priorities. 

Swimming against the tide of traditional business-as-usual can make it tough to feel resilient during the waves of opportunities and challenges that face all businesses.

You‚Äôve done the skill-building, the ‚Äúexpert‚ÄĚ masterminds, and the sales training that makes your stomach turn. The traditional trainings and groups have left you feeling deflated and unsure of yourself and your expansive vision for not just a successful business, but a better world because of what you are doing.¬†

That’s why I’ve created the Pathfinder Business & Leadership Mastermind Retreat!

Feminine leadership in life and business calls for creativity and collaboration. I invite you to join us if you crave a supportive and dynamic team and community that recognizes your mastery and helps you trust  and bring your whole, dynamic and authentic self into your business vision and strategies.

During this  three-day, playfully strategic retreat (and continuing mastermind group)- we will work with nature as our most powerful teacher to help you: 

  • Step away- from the day-to-day¬†and give yourself some sacred¬† time to focus on your unique business purpose and vision- without the distraction of home or office dynamics.

  • Unlock your compelling purpose and craft your unique, sustainable roadmap for the¬† next phase of your business growth.

  • Embody the powerful link between feminine leadership and leading the charge for social and environmental impact and how collaboration and community with other women accelerate the change we want to see.

  • Discover reliable access pathways to connect to your intuition and how to trust (and act on) what your intuition tells you - making the ‚Äúhard skills‚ÄĚ easier.

  • Know the relationship between your self-care and your business success and learn what really supports you in leading the way you want to lead.

  • Learn the secrets to navigating the inevitable changes and challenges without giving up, turning back, or hustling harder in your business.

  • Feel the power of collaboration with a group of like-minded women who¬†care deeply about their work, their family, and the world, and revel in how that connection creates lasting clarity, momentum, and joy in your business.¬†


Your retreat overview...

Day 1: Creating & Navigating Change

Monday, July 29th, 2024
We will gather at 3pm at the Steel Horse in Villa Grove and get settled into our rustic and decadent accommodations.  From 4-6pm we will explore the nature of change and creating a positive impact at home, at work and in community through women-led  entrepreneurship. Highlights of our day will include:

  • A framework for mapping change cycles- how to create, manage and respond to change processes while cultivating resilience.
  • Practices for uncovering and deepening your connection to your core purpose and your¬† "why" for entrepreneurship.

This session will be followed by a festive family style dinner and fireside chat and campfire songs.

Day 2:  Carving the Path- Designing Your Sustainable Business (On Your Own Terms)

Tuesday, July 30th, 2024
(all day- beginning at 9am and ending with evening activities)

We'll wake up  and settle in with some mindfulness and intention setting. We will dive into principles of sustainability and develop a roadmap for your business for the next 3 months (or beyond).  Highlights will include:

  • Nature exploration and connection - finding our unique path towards time and financial freedom.
  • A¬†deeper dive into¬†mapping the ecosystems of our businesses and how we create a sense of place through our work for our clients, customers and teams.
  • Designing your unique path and compass points to give you the confidence to Lead the Charge for the next phase of your business development.

We will celebrate the day with a sober happy hour and wood-fired pizza- followed by an evening connection and/or deep rest with the night sky as our backdrop.


Day 3: Art of Personal Leadership 

Thursday, July 27th (9am to noon)

We will gather in morning  for meditation and a grounding practice in the Art of Personal Leadership. There will be time for personal and group reflections followed by a celebratory brunch to conclude our activities. Highlights include:

  • A guided intuitive, meditation practice with to lay the groundwork for embodied personal leadership.
  • Nature exploration to uncover a  practice of sustainability, modulating energy, and establishing personal boundaries
  • Lessons in community building and maintaining connection through nature observations.

We will complete our time together and participants will have adequate time to transition before checking out by 2pm.


About The Steel Horse- A Colorado Retreat Center

Nestled within a stunning mountain valley, the Steel Horse is the ideal location for intimate group events of all kinds and occasions.  

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Hello! I'm Jen, your nature-based business coach & retreat facilitator

I'm Jen Visitacion (she/her/hers) and I have spent the past 20 years  supporting leaders, organizations and businesses to design a more sustainable path forward and create positive change for our communities and our environment.  

I'm passionate about helping you and other women entrepreneurs  to cultivate your own unique pathways toward the changes you want to create at home and the impact you want to have on others through your work.

More than ever, we need YOU and YOUR vision for your unique business to carve a pathway and lead the charge for future generations of women pathfinders.

Pathfinder Mastermind Retreats are for multi-passionate and creative women founders & entrepreneurs.  Whether you are going solo or leading a team, aiming for a side-gig or to generate millions- we aim to bring together a diverse group of women who are committed to creating positive change in the world through entrepreneurship - women just like you.

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Pathfinder Mastermind Retreat

  • Retreat at the remote Steele Horse- Colorado Retreat Center August 29-31, 2023¬†in Villa Grove, CO
  • 2 nights Lodging and all meals, snacks and drinks throughout the retreat.
  • 3 monthly group check-ins¬† (+3 private coaching sessions with Jen Visitacion, following the retreat ).¬†
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this retreat model different than a typical business retreat?

This unique retreat model centers on the inherent intuition and leadership within each of us. Through our three days together, we will explore the nature of change, building connected relationships, leaning into money magic, and the art of personal leadership-  all while crafting your own unique map for your pathway forward.

The support and camaraderie from your small cohort continues beyond our time together with personalized individual coaching, 3 months of group coaching and connection, an online community, and annual membership to  Pathfinder Posse.

What does the ongoing support include after the retreat? 

  • 3 monthly group check-ins  (+3 private coaching sessions with Jen Visitacion, following the retreat ). 
  • 1 year access to the Pathfinder Posse membership program and community for women entrepreneurs.


Other Questions:

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