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A Picture of Abundance

Mar 17, 2023

I spent 5 minutes last Sunday painting this tiny picture of my future rows of calendula at Moonstone Farm (from memories of last year).

This was fun- took 5 minutes with a water color set from the super market.

I enjoyed the freedom of knowing it was a creative exploration- not a destination.   There was no plan or concern that someone might judge my art.

Just fun.

Sometimes that's enough.

Abundance can happen in a 5 minute playful session- coloring outside the lines and creating from that no-pressure zone.

I've noticed a theme with some of my clients that its hard to figure out what is "fun" or would feel like abundance as a responsible adult.  

In my experience, the answer is in nature.  In watching dogs and squirrels and trees blowing in the wind.  Its in watching teenagers lose hours at the skatepark.  Its driving with the music blaring and the windows down.  Those images all spark pictures of abundance.

Joy, pleasure and play are meant to be part of our experience.  If you were looking for a reminder...

Play first this weekend, then get stuff done (or not).

Happy Friday,

Jen Visitacion is a Business, Leadership and Life Coach providing playfully strategic support through coaching and retreats.

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