A Little Patience

equus coaching Jan 08, 2021

A Little Patience

7 years ago I began my training as an Equus Coach with the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching.  

When I signed up for this training, I knew that my combined love of coaching and spending time with horses would be a good fit for my practice and I believed it would bring my clients clarity and me a lot of satisfaction in my work.

Over the course of my training and the subsequent years, I have learned that the actual business of Equus Coaching is a very small part of my story.

While I know that my clients have gained valuable insights and connection in their lives, organizations and relationships through Equus Coaching, I believe what I've gained through this journey is so much more.

I've gained a little patience in:

learning new skills 
facing fears
building trust and connection

maintaining relationships
establishing boundaries
being vulnerable
letting go of control
learning to be present

I believe it was Simon Sinek who...

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