For the Women

Apr 09, 2021


I love late night comedy.


This past year it hasn't made me laugh as much as I wanted it to- but I still appreciate the ability to take challenging and painful situations and find some way to make something funny.


The other night I came across a Daily Show video about women in the work force and how they have disproportionately (compared to men) lost their jobs or left their roles due to the challenges of the pandemic.  While it was funny that all of the incredibly intelligent women being interviewed were simultaneously caring for their children (on screen)- I know how not funny it is when you are working at home and facing a deadline, or working with a client and your most important little (or let's be real, also adult) humans need something. 


Back in October, NPR reported that women were leaving the work force at four times the rate of men and from what I can tell based on various other reports, those trends have not slowed down since.


Rather than make too many assumptions without digging deeper into data, I just want to point out the potential cumulative impacts of this least how I'm feeling it.

  • I think about the women who are parenting alone without a system of support or the income to properly care for their families.  

  • I think about the women who have worked hard to achieve their goals and break through the barriers - only to find themselves at a crossroads of conflicting values- making the hard choice between work and family.

  • I think about the women who have built their lives around a passion and career to find that they are expendable in their organization or company.

  • I think about the black, indigenous, and women of color whose challenges are compounded by systemic racism.


I also think about the women who have not left the work force, who are still straddling the demands of work and home in these unprecedented times.


I think about the women who have created their own businesses or are dreaming of doing so- to build a system of flexibility and freedom to forge a path on their own terms.


For all of these women...I think about how amazing they (we ) are.  How much thoughtfulness and intention goes into a day trying to balance our priorities.


All that being said...


I'm super curious about how we can cultivate more compassion and camaraderie for each other as we navigate change and challenges on our unique journeys. 


How do we build systems of support for each other that release the pressure- not add to it?


With this awareness of women leaving the do we want to rewrite this story going forward?


How do we help carve the pathways for the women in future generations?


Hey...its spring and soil prepping season in the garden.  Let's use this metaphor to prep the soil in our culture so that we can begin planting the seeds for forging new and sustainable pathways for women.


Much love to you,



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