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limiting beliefs Mar 02, 2023


I just finished reading the book Do Less, by Kate Northrup for our February book club in Pathfinder Posse.

The premise of the book is a new approach to time and energy management specifically for ambitious women.    The bulk of the text is a series of experiments to cultivate a new relationship with time and productivity (perfect for our February them of Creating Sacred Time).

I found her experiment on surrender a good reminder in what we can control and what we cannot.  Essentially, we can control how we think, how we feel, how we act, how we respond, our intentions, where we put our attention.  What we can't control is everything and everyone else.  

Pretty sure this is one of those life lessons we never fully learn, but keep having the opportunity I right?

I loved the questions she asked in this chapter to help hone in on where we can surrender control. 

I'll offer them here:

what am I trying to control right now that's not something that is actually within my realm of control?

what could I stop doing that would allow me to reclaim my power and my energy to invest in things I actually have control over?

what would it feel like to surrender in this area?

Happy Friday!


Jennifer Tucker Visitacion, MBA
Leadership, Business and Personal Development Coach/ Facilitator


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