A Little Patience

Jan 08, 2021

A Little Patience

7 years ago I began my training as an Equus Coach with the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching.  

When I signed up for this training, I knew that my combined love of coaching and spending time with horses would be a good fit for my practice and I believed it would bring my clients clarity and me a lot of satisfaction in my work.

Over the course of my training and the subsequent years, I have learned that the actual business of Equus Coaching is a very small part of my story.

While I know that my clients have gained valuable insights and connection in their lives, organizations and relationships through Equus Coaching, I believe what I've gained through this journey is so much more.

I've gained a little patience in:

learning new skills 
facing fears
building trust and connection

maintaining relationships
establishing boundaries
being vulnerable
letting go of control
learning to be present

I believe it was Simon Sinek who quoted the concept of "how you do one thing, is how you do anything".  If that is the case, its possible that how you change one thing is how you might change anything, don't you think?

My learning from horses translates to making tiny shifts in so many other parts of my life on a daily basis.  In marriage, parenting, facilitating groups, dealing with conflicts....when I approach these areas of my life, the same way I approach the horse, I gain a whole new perspective.

This week, that perspective is patience.  
Just a little.

How about you?  How do you cultivate patience?

Happy Friday,
Jen V

Jen Visitacion is the founder of Moonstone Ventures, certified life & business coach and master facilitator for Equus Coaching (horse assisted personal & professional development).
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