An Evening Ritual

Nov 13, 2020

In an ever-changing world around us that is bringing little certainty, one tiny thing that can help is to "cap off" the day with an evening ritual.

Whether you live alone, with roommates or with family, carving out some time to honor the day builds connection, releases stress and provides a framework for processing and sharing the emotions and happenings in our lives.

When we are home together, our family likes to go around the dinner table and share:

  • our high points and low points of the day
  • something we are proud of
  • something we appreciated 
  • something we are looking forward to

When I am alone, I like to light a candle and run a warm bath and journal the same prompts.

Our big lives are made up of little moments.  Putting some intention and acknowledgement of these little moments in our lives and those that surround us leads to more intentional moments in the future.

A life lived with intention is one that feels more fulfilling, joyful and connected, don't you think? 

What do you do to close out the day? 

Happy Friday!


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