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An Invitation For Joy

Dec 08, 2022


Several years ago, I created a framework called the "Joy Harvest" model.   It was born from a desire to celebrate the end of the growing season in the fall and the beginning of the end of the year.

The premise is...  to cultivate joy, we must recognize a cycle of completion and create space for celebration. 

Essentially taking a breather from all the doing, creating, pleasing, judging, etc. 

I borrowed from the phrase- "you reap what you sow" and created an intentional reaping process to harvest the joy. 

Here is the simple framework:

R- Rest and Restore:
E- Explore & Energize
A- Appreciate & Align
P- Play with Purpose

What does all of that mean to you?

For me, it means being intentional about my daily routines, not getting caught up in external hype, saying no if something doesn't sound fun and saying yes if it does.  It means deciding on purpose what rituals matter to me and asking for what I want/need (without expectation to deliver),  while listening to the wants/needs of others (without expectation to deliver).

It also means staying in PJ's longer, sipping hot tea, lighting candles and fires, listening to music, coloring/drawing or creating, reading, skiing, playing games, and doing nothing.  

AND giving others permission to do the same :)

Before 2022 comes to a close and we are hitting the ground running in a new year, how about creating some intentional space for harvesting joy in yourself?  I have no doubt you'll be working hard to do that for others....wouldn't it be incredible if you felt it too?


written by,
Jen Visitacion
Founder Moonstone Ventures LLC
Business and Leadership Coach

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