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Are You Blocked?

navigating change personal leadership visioning Jan 21, 2022


The other day, I was in the pasture with my horses and decided I would catch our gelding, Wizard, to spend some time with him.

He is a willing partner, always curious about what we might do together.  He doesn't hesitate to let me halter him, unless of course something spooks him.

I always take it easy, its not an abrupt or demanding process.  I invite him to participate and he lowers his head and I halter him up.  We breathe together and stand for a minute.

As we begin to walk, our mare (Barbie Slew), starts to get ahead of us and blocks our path.  I pivot and try to move around her and she pivots too.  It becomes a game of how far I can get around her before she blocks me again.  I can feel the frustration boiling up.

I'm definitely focusing on the "obstacle" and how to move around it.  I'm thinking about why she is blocking me.  Is it because she doesn't want me to take him?   Does she wish I was taking her?  WHAT is this about???

Then it hits me, I'm off track.  I'm blocked and I've lost focus on my initial vision, which was to spend some time with Wizard.  Now I'm focused on HER.

In an Equus Coaching® session, If this was happening to my client, I would use this opportunity to check in to find out where the feeling or experience of being "blocked" is showing up in life or business.  Where do you (in this case, me) lose site of your vision?

My answer to this as I was experiencing this feeling of being blocked, is that I often feel I'm gaining momentum in my business and then something happens with my family or externally (like the pandemic) and I am now focusing on the block instead of the vision.

I loved this self coaching moment,   because once I realized where I was putting my energy (into the blockage not the vision), I was able to change my focus (back to vision) and lead Wizard with more purpose and confidence.  

It might not surprise you  that she got the "message" and moved out of my way.

Often when we are too focused on what we are resisting, all we do is create more resistance.  When we focus on creating a path THROUGH the resistance, we are telling ourselves (and others) we mean business.

So, if there is an area you are feeling blocked at home or in your work, consider reconnecting with your bigger vision, not just trying to to work-around our power struggle with what's blocking you, and lead toward that vision with purpose.

You've (We've) Got this! 
Let me know if I can help :)

Happy Friday,



Jennifer Visitacion is a Professional Business & Leadership Coach providing playfully strategic support for women entrepreneurs and non-profit/community leaders.

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