Are You Willing?

Jul 31, 2020

Are you willing to give what you are asking for?

If you want to be heard, are you also listening?

If you want grace, are you willing to give it?

If you are going to hold others responsible, will you also take responsibility?

I'll be honest, I'm moving through defensiveness, understanding, compassion, love, concern, appreciation and anger.

Each day when I'm faced with difficult decisions, I try to ask myself:

What would I love to do?

What would vision say?

What would courage look like?

Am I in integrity with my values?

Sometimes - when I have conflicting values as a decision maker... it's hard to feel entirely in integrity.

What grounds me is knowing that there are others in the arena with me... and we are doing our best to face our challenges head on and create the change we want to see.

All decisions have consequences (both positive and negative).

I'm feeling that today.

I trust the wisdom of a process unfolding.

One that can't be controlled.

That each day is a new opportunity to shift... perspectives, understanding. attitudes and actions.

Today I'll ask myself for space to breathe.

Today I'll listen to my heart.

Today I'll give myself the grace to be imperfect.

Today I'll take responsibility for my actions. 

Sending each of you my best wishes and hope you that you do the same.

Happy Friday, 



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