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Back to Square 1

Nov 12, 2021


I brought these two nutballs to the office with me a few days this week.  My husband Josh has been working the overnights at the hospital- so he's sleeping during the day and these two aren't having it.  

Rest/sleep is the MOST important activity in our house.   Without it we cannot sustain our energy for our priorities and our relationships.

It has hit me this week that I am actually sleep deprived- more than I realized.  With the welcoming of our new puppy Birdie- we haven't really had a good night sleep in 3 months.  I know that all new parents can relate...and more than once I've had the thought.. "I'm too old for this" :).


In addition, my kiddo is in high school now with a more mature social scene that requires me to stay up past my normal 8pm bed time to ensure everyone is where they need to be- at the time they need to be there.  

I recognize that I'm very much still in Square 1 of a new change cycle... my household and family dynamics will never be the same.


Square 1 in any change cycle is a season of endings and beginnings. This season can be messy and exhausting as you try to find a new "normal" while letting go and letting a new way of being emerge.  There can be  grieving and tenderness in this process....and it can't really be rushed. 

I'm reminded that square 1 eventually leads to square 2, the place where you start to see the possibilities of the next phase and a new vision starts to emerge.   It just takes a little rest, nourishment, love, acceptance and tenderness to get there, and if you go too fast, it just might be back to square 1.  


Can you identify a place in your life where you might be in square 1?  Can you give yourself a little permission to slow down and let things integrate before moving forward to quickly?  Whether its a big life change or an incremental step..acknowledging and honoring this natural change cycle and leaning into it is the best way I know to move through it.

Sending you much love and tenderness in the process.

Have a beautiful weekend,


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