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Compare & Contrast for that Special Sauce?

freedom navigating change personal leadership success sustainability women entrepreneurs Sep 03, 2021

I think we all know that it's dangerous to compare ourselves to others, right?

What good becomes of it?

Yet its human nature, like moths to a flame, to take a peek at others' lives and businesses and do a little comparison.

This can be a helpful exercise and can serve you when you are looking for new models, a way to differentiate yourself, or inspiration. It can be harmful when the comparison leaves you feeling like who you are or what you are doing might not be enough.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider trying this deliberate activity of compare and contrast by answering these three simple questions:

  • How are you and this other person or business similar? (find 3 ways)
  • How are you uniquely different? (find 3 ways)
  • How does this serve you and/or your clients/ customers? (find 3 ways)

As you are answering these questions, notice which answers make you feel stronger and more confident. Consider how you might put more intention and focus there. 

This is your special sauce :)

In business planning & development we learn that  competition is good for business when you can differentiate yourself to your market - sprinkling more of your special sauce just might do the trick!

And... I'm a firm believer that there is room at the table for everyone and their special sauce, so while this exercise might get you in the mood for competition, I hope it will  inspire you to encourage other women to hone in on their unique gifts and talents too. 

You've got this.

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