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Jun 26, 2020

In rural Colorado, we often can't count on the internet or cell service for our communication needs. This is frustrating and annoying at times, but really points out how reliant we are on modern communication for human connection. This has been especially true during these past few months.

In the equine world - horses mostly utilize subtle cues and energy to connect with each other in their herds. If these subtle cues aren't read quick enough.... then the cues get louder and bigger, like a bite or a kick or taking flight.

As an Equus Coach and horse owner, I have been trying to learn the art of reading their subtle cues and building connection with subtle energy.

What I've learned is that the more disconnected I am to myself or my own body in the moment, the more hinderance there will be in clearly communicating with them.

I've noticed that with my human herd too.

How lack of connection with self can lead to miscommunication and disconnection with others.

And how that often leads to "bigger and louder" cues rather than subtle energy and intention.

So as you enter this weekend... consider taking it down a notch.

Read your subtle cues on what your mind, body and spirit need to be grounded in self connection. 

From that place - I'm guessing it will be easier to get a connection with others too. 

Happy Friday,


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