Deepen Connections

Oct 29, 2021

You think that because you understand "one" that you must therefore understand "two" because one and one make two. But you forget that you must also understand "and."

- Donella H. Meadows

We studied Systems Theory as part of sustainability curriculum in graduate school. One of the foundational concepts is that the "whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

Take the human body for example - we are made up of several complex systems (nervous, respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, digestive, etc) and together they create one heck of a unique human (the whole). It's not just these parts that make the human... it's how they work together, in connection. If one of those parts is not functioning well, it impacts the whole system.

Sometimes when we are feeling burnt out in business or life in general, it can be helpful to examine the connectedness of our "systems" and energize and deepen the connections that might not be functioning as well as you want them to be. Such as:

  • The mind/body/spirit connection- are you integrated? 
  • Your household/ workplace/ environmental systems. Are they sustainable?
  • Your financial systems. Are you happy with the flow of resources in and out?
  • Your relationships. Do they feel equitable?

If you can identify one of these areas that could use some energizing - which one would it be? What is one small shift you can make to deepen your connection and strengthen your system as a whole? 

I have a hunch that you already know.


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