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Harvesting Joy Through Chaos

personal leadership prioritization reflection self care selfcare success women entrepreneurs Sep 17, 2021

I'm guessing you have heard the term "reap what you sow." Unfortunately, our hard work doesn't always equate to desired results. Sometimes things don't go as planned, we don’t get a return on that investment, or the seeds we've planted don’t grow ( OR the frost comes right before harvest :).

Regardless of your current situation or the outcome of your efforts - you can harvest joy and REAP reward by following these simple steps: 

- Rest - rest is critical for your body, mind and spirit to renew. It is also critical for decision making and prioritizing. If you are feeling a lack of joy or increased chaos- sleep on it! If this is hard for you...consider mediation, slow walks in nature, warm baths, healthy diet and turning off the screen.

E - Explore Your Nature - each of us are equipped with an internal navigation system that lets us know when something feels “warmer” or “colder”. Track yourself...what interests you? Who do you enjoy spending time with? What makes you exhausted? What is motivating you? Tracking yourself in this exploration can help you unlock key signals that can guide you toward more joyful experiences. Consider a walk through the senses to help you recalculate your route.

A -  Appreciate - no matter how small or large the gift...gratitude helps us to focus on the gifts in life and propels our thoughts toward optimism. Consider a practice of gratitude before bed or first thing in the morning for a fresh outlook.

P - Play - do you really know how to play? Without judgement- without pressure? Think back to when you were a kid….what could you do for hours without even thinking about it? When you play- you give others the permission to play too.

Why is it important to harvest joy- even through chaos? Because when you do - you have the magic ability to lift others up whether it be at work, home, or in your community.

This weekend, give yourself a little permission to REAP and celebrate a job well done, even if your best doesn't feel good enough.

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