I cleaned my closet and now I have hope for the future!

Feb 14, 2020

This month in our Pathfinder Posse business cohort, we are talking about Nature and Nurture as a strategy for developing and sustaining a purpose-driven business. 

Regardless of what we are focusing on each month, we always begin our time together talking about the mental "models" that create the feelings in our day to day, the actions that follow those feelings, and ultimately our results.

As we begin to dive into how connecting with the natural world around us and nurturing the nature within can foster personal and organizational resilience, we begin with a small exercise that demonstrates  that the status of our living and/ or work space  is a reflection of what is going on in our thoughts.

Cleaning up our thoughts can help to create a more beautiful and organized living and work space AND cleaning up your living space or work space can create more mental clarity.

This week, I challenged our group to think of a space in their home or office that gives them the least satisfaction and describe that space.  For me, that space was my closet.  Here are some of the descriptions:

1. clean clothes that just needed to be put away...cluttering up the space.
2. dirty clothes that just needed to make it from the floor to the hamper.
3. lots of clothes hanging on hooks...burying other clothes

The next part is to think about where that might be a metaphor for what is happening in your life or business.

1. I'm sitting on a lot of completed work and just need to put it out there!
2. the tasks that are creating a large "to do" list can be consolidated/ contained
3. sometimes the answer I'm looking for is right there but a bit buried.

I set my timer and spent 5 minutes cleaning up my closet.

The result- more space, less overwhelm, more clarity.....in my space and in my thoughts.  In fact, I feel more energy and hope for the other tasks at hand and for my ability to plan for the future.

That's a shift.
Now you try....

Happy Friday!


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