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Its the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Dec 03, 2021


The festive holiday season is upon us and if this gives you joy and you are all about it....that is awesome.  I want to see you in all of your holiday flare.

For many, this time of year can be very disruptive and the opposite of grounding.  It can bring up challenging family dynamics, emphasize grief and loss, and/or increase overwhelm and stress.

Wherever you sit - please know, you are not alone and I hope you can give yourself permission to be wherever you are at.  Be the sparkly joyful you....or cancel all plans and cozy up by the fire with a book.   You get to design EACH day to align with your values, integrity and personal health and wellbeing.  No one else can (or will) do that for you.

I took this picture of the sunrise over Moonstone Farm this week.  Each day the sun rises...that much is predictable (at least we hope so!).  How it rises, how it shows up, in all its glory, is different every day.

However subtle that can be- there is magic in the simple gifts of the day, the week, the season, if you can align with what matters most.

Happy Friday,

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