Meaningful Rituals

Dec 12, 2020

The holidays bring the concept of rituals and spiritual practice to the forefront. 


For those with religious or spiritual beliefs, there may be formal rituals or standard practices within your belief system that you create or participate in throughout this season.


In your family or workplace, maybe there are annual events or festivities that you look forward to or feel obligated to attend?


Regardless of the context, you have a choice of whether you show up,  “go through the motions” or create intention, depth and meaning  in what you practice.


I believe that rituals or intentional practices  can be a powerful way to connect internally, spiritually, with family or community and bring more presence, intention and meaning to the holiday season if you so choose.


With that being said,  I’ve created the following five steps to help you clear out the clutter of the “shoulds” of this season as it relates to these practices and cultivate more of what matters most to you.


Here we go:


Step 1: Take Inventory:  Make a list of the seasonal celebrations, gatherings and  rituals that you participate in and reflect on why you participate, how it aligns with your values, and what are your motivators.


Step 2:  Put It on the Scale:  Notice as you look through that list….which practices bring you joy, peace, grounding or excitement and which bring you anxiety, stress, dread, or other negative emotions.  On a scale of -10 to +10 (+10 being most excited) How excited are you to attend or practice these events/rituals this year? 


Step 3:  Bag It or Better It:  Any of the rituals/practices fall in the negative side of the scale?  Can you cancel them?  If you don’t want to cancel them, how can you make them more palatable?


Step 4:  Prioritize It: Any rituals/practices land on the positive side of the scale?  How can you create more space and intention to fully experience them this year?


Step 5:  Get Crafty: Design a new ritual or practice this holiday season! What does it look like? Who (if anyone) do you want to share it with?  What feelings or experiences will  it generate?


In whatever way you choose to show up, I hope these steps will be a support and reminder to you that you can carve out your own unique way of navigating this season.


Wishing you warmth, love & light.


Jen Visitacion




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