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reflection self care selfcare space visioning Jul 16, 2021

I was thinking this week about my plants in the garden and how some of them thrive in certain spaces and some of them don’t.

On the back of their seed packets are specific instructions for how deep the seeds should be planted, how far apart from each other, when they should be planted (soil temp), etc.

Are people really any different?

Do we each actually have a set of ideal planting and cultivating instructions that if we followed we would set ourselves up to thrive and be more resilient?

What would those be for you?

If you were to write a description of your planting instructions- what would those look like? 

Here are some ideas:

  • What climate does your body enjoy the most? Or do you like change with seasons?
  • How closely do you like to be “planted” next to others? Do you need little or abundant space?
  • Are there certain companions that help you thrive and strengthen your resilience? Are there some that make you feel weaker? Consider what kind of distance or boundaries are needed.
  • What nourishes you? How much water do you need? How much sun and how much shade? How much rest?
  • What does it look like when you bloom/ fruit and are ready for a harvest? Is this an annual or perennial cycle for you? Or ongoing/sustaining?

There is so much diversity in plants and what they need. 

AND so much diversity in what success looks like for each plant. 

In a garden we take the time to learn and cultivate new awareness of what works and what doesn’t.  

What if we approached our lives and our life’s work with the same curiosity, experimentation and acceptance?

Happy Friday!



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