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On Purpose

organizational sustainability personal leadership purpose Jan 07, 2022

Over the past several months, our Joy Harvest- Fall Leadership Council discussed how to incorporate personal sustainability strategies into business (and the business of life).

As we held our closing retreat this past week, we talked about honing in on "purpose" and how layered that word can be as not everyone feels a strong sense of purpose every day as they navigate the complexities of business development, leading families, and navigating a changing environment.

Oxford defines the action of purpose as " to have as one's intention or objective", which is a simple lens in which to define purpose in big or small ways as we enter a new year.

If having purpose simply means creating intentions,  doesn't that free us up to shift on purpose whenever we want to or need to depending on current circumstances  or circumstances we are hopeful to co-create?

All that being said, perhaps a life of purpose is one simply built on intentional action on behalf of what matters most to you.

Maybe those are big actions....maybe those are  tiny turtle steps, on purpose.

Happy Friday,
Jen V

P.S. photo of my purposeful co-workers who were helping me strip the couch of its blanket this week at the retreat cottage.


Jennifer Visitacion is a Professional Business & Leadership Coach providing playfully strategic support to women entrepreneurs and non-profit/community leaders.

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