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Picture the Exit

freedom navigating change personal leadership prioritization reflection success sustainability visioning women entrepreneurs Oct 01, 2021

Thinking about the end of your business while you are starting it or navigating its growth can seem counter intuitive, but it can actually be one of the most powerful planning strategies. This process can be just as much fun as planning an adventure, road trip or vacation.

In each of those scenarios, you are likely to have a purpose for your adventure, a destination and some idea of what you want to experience, right? And at the end - you can picture getting home safely, having some time to decompress and unpack, and then having memories to return to.

Your business is no different. All things eventually come to an end and it can bring great peace and joy to know what that desired state looks like ahead of time, so that you can make decisions along the way to support that end.

  • running a school
  • long term lease/rental to a farmer
  • tiny house community
  • RV park
  • subdivided homes and condos
  • raising livestock
  • developing a restaurant

While some of these ideas have been interesting to think about, we have been clear that we want to be the single owners of the property so that we can either:

A. Pass it down to the next generation, preserving the integrity of the land and water, or

B: Sell it if our lifestyle goals or needs require it.

Now, of course this is always subject to change as we continue to grow and learn from operating this part of our business and as our family dynamics continue to change and evolve; however, when I reconnect with my why and picture my life at the end of my business, I gain great peace that in many ways it's enough just as it is for now and I know that we can pivot whenever we want or need to - should the circumstances change.

Knowing how you might want to dissolve your company in the future will give you great insight in how or with whom you want to create it.

So, how DO you want it to end?

Lessons learned, insights gained, money in the bank, a legacy to pass on?

Hey, its your adventure...and you get to picture it however you want to.   

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