Prepare for Solstice: out of darkness & into light

Dec 17, 2021


This Tuesday (12/21) will be the Winter Solstice- our darkest day of the year.  

It is my favorite time of the year to bring closure to the past and set intention for what we want to create and experience in the year to come.  As a practice, I like to incorporate the following "mini-retreat" recipe:

1. Prepare to honor the darkness  and welcome the light.  Life is full of dark, scary, painful times.  We must take time to properly honor and grieve what has been lost and cannot be recovered.  We must also acknowledge that darkness can be a time for rest and when we are rested, we are more prepared to welcome the light of new experiences, opportunities and possibility.  How can you carve out some time to honor the darkness and welcome in the light?

2.  Acknowledge the role of winter in the natural change cycle.  How some beings must shut down and  hibernate to save energy while  some plants and organisms are creating new life below the surface.  As humans prone to business as usual (or on overdrive this time of year)- how might you incorporate some of these natural processes into your mini retreat?

3.  Create an alter with  items that represent what matters most in your life and in nature.  Light candles or burn a fire in a fireplace.....or if you can, a big bonfire :)

4. Decide what you are ready to let go of and what you are ready to welcome.

I hope you enjoy this personal mini-retreat recipe as you prepare for the solstice.

Happy Friday!


Jen Visitacion is a Business & Leadership Coach/Consultant- helping entrepreneurs and non-profit/community leaders create and lead organizations with purpose.


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