Pressure Release

Apr 24, 2020

"I want to wake up every day and do whatever comes in my mind, and not feel pressure or obligations to do anything else in my life." -Michael Jordan


I was texting with a colleague  and she asked me how it was going homeschooling my son, while trying to run a business. 

My response was that it is going "well".


She didn't believe me and said...."Is that true?"

My response:  Absolutely, because I'm not putting too much pressure on him or myself or anything for that matter.

I realized that this is actually my mantra right release the pressure.

on my son,
on my business,
on my expectations of others,
on my marriage,
on my ability to keep a clean house,
on myself.

My metrics for how things are going may fall well below other people's thoughts, standards or expectations.

But I know this is a crucial strategy because I'm finding there is so much tenderness to be present for in the moment, right now.

Too much pressure to perform, to endure, to be more than I can be in the moment would come at a great expense.

The loss of now.

Believe me,  its not always pretty and in fact, there have been some pretty painful moments that include fear, isolation, regret, grief, all of it.  

When I start to feel the pressure- my blood boiling, my chest tightening, my voice raising, my heart breaking... I'm trying to allow myself to feel it, to embrace it, to have compassion for all of the complex emotions.

AND by allowing it all, I know that whatever action I do take will come from a more inspired place....not a place of "should" or obligation or pressure.  

Where are you feeling the pressure my friend?


Can you listen closely to your inner dialogue?

Can you take a moment to honor all that you are experiencing, learning, enduring right now?

Can you give yourself permission to release the pressure and make some space for now?

Sending you warm thoughts of love and safe keeping surrounding you.

We are in this together.



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