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Re-Vision 2020

visioning Jun 12, 2020



If we were going to plan a road trip or a vacation together, we would probably start with one of two guiding questions:


1. Where do we want to go?

2. What do we want to do?


I'm not saying those are easy answers- but they are crucial questions to ask if we are going to get on the same page about our experience together.


Once we've nailed those questions down, then we can begin planning our route.  


If we encounter roadblocks, then we can re-calculate.


Without our shared vision...both of those next steps would be pretty challenging and probably lead us to either give up or have some serious conflict along the way.


Any shared vision has to begin with shared ownership and buy-in individually.  Which means that each person needs to clarify for themselves:


1. What matters most to me?

2. What am I willing to let go of?

3.  How do I want to show up in partnership and communication?


This year, 2020, will be one for the books...the first half being one that awakened the world to vulnerability, failures of systems, and systemic cultural shifts that will continue to need to occur in order to build and unify a more fair and just world for all people, communities, and our environment.


The second half of 2020 isn't written yet. 


Want to go on a metaphorical road trip?  


Where do we want to go?

What do we want to do?


What matters most?

What are you willing to let go of?

How do you want to show up?


Let's shift.



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