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Seeds or Weeds

prioritization May 29, 2020

I actually wrote this piece about a year ago...but I thought is was just as relevant this week.


The past several weeks we have been prepping the soil in our garden to plant seeds.

This means digging up the weeds that have taken root already, and clearing out the clutter of the debris that accumulated last summer, fall and over the winter.

It means creating intentional space for the things we WANT to grow. 

If we don't create this intentional space and fill it with things we want... then it will be overrun by things we don't want.

I can't help but think this is the perfect metaphor for time and priorities in general.

If we don’t create intentional space and time for the things we want to grow in our lives... then our days will be filled “managing the weeds” rather than harvesting the bounty.

Do you ever find yourself reacting to demands of the day as it unfolds, rather than creating the intentional space for what feels most important?

Try this:

Instead of a To Do list - schedule everything directly into your calendar.

Start with what matters most to you... time with family, friends, exercise, writing, art projects, etc.

These are the seeds.

Then - take a look at your "to do" list and review if the items are "seeds" or "weeds."

Seeds: give you life, energy and time

Weeds: suck life, energy and time

Can you pull some of those weeds? 

Now - get both your seeds and any remaining weeds in the calendar...

Over time, this practice thins out the weeds. Just watch.

Sending you some virtual hugs and seed packets.

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