Simple Joy Return

May 08, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, I had big plans to pivot my business to focusing on in-person events/ retreats for women entrepreneurs and leaders.  This included plans for international retreats 2-3 times a year as well as hosting retreats at our Farm Retreat in Salida, CO.

Obviously, a re-direct needed to happen...
and I'm grateful.

I'm grateful because 10 years ago, I landed on this farm with a vision of growing food, hosting celebrations, creating community, and facilitating leadership retreats & workshops.   

At some level, all of those things have happened...maybe not the way I initially envisioned, but they have happened.

Now, with a full six weeks of a consistent daily routine- feeding chickens, planting and watering starts, caring for horses and observing seasonal changes, I believe I've come full circle to a stronger vision...

A vision that includes a focus both personally and professionally on:

  • making time to be quiet, creative, open
  • connecting with nature and animals
  • saying yes to fun with family at home and friends & clients virtually
  • focusing on the hope and inspiration in the world
  • elevating the heroes of the everyday

This has become more of a practice then a result.   

It requires some constraint when I start to fall into thoughts that bring about fear, doubt, need for more control or freedom,  or the desire to blame others for any current circumstance.  It also takes having clarity about where and how I spend my energy and what I allow "in" from the external world.

The results thus far?

Its hard to name.....its more of a feeling. 

Like, Simple Joy Return.

How about for you?  
What are you noticing?  
What life lessons will you keep from this time of "stay safe at home"?
Is there anything you are ready to let go of?

Jen Visitacion
Founder-Moonstone Ventures










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