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Start Small, Think Big....Like Turtles

Jan 13, 2023


I can't think of a better mantra for this year or this weekend, backed up by this turtle and Michael Franti (inspiring singer songwriter - see link to song below).

Turtles have an amazing way of showing us how to stay the course with longevity, while moving tiny steps forward and taking breaks to bask in the sun.

This week, as I launched back into working with clients and trying to get technology and my body to agree with my big ideas, I was faced with the fact that things are going to move slower than I wanted them to (insert mini-temper tantrum).

Call it Mercury or Mars or Uranus (or all three) in retrograde- whatever it is, the message has been consistent to slow down to go fast.

It amazes me how easy I can forget...

I know I can trust that things always fall into alignment just in the right timeframe as long as I'm taking intentional action and taking care of myself.

Do you also have evidence for this?

When I push too hard, my body shuts down (or my computer). When I work with my natural energy cycles and listen to what nature is saying (hey its winter!), I'm reminded that I'm right on time.

I trust that I will have this opportunity to learn this lesson time and time again.

For today, I'll think big and start small :).

How about you?

Cheers to being turtles this weekend.

P.S. listen to the song here - I can already breathe deeper :)



Jennifer Tucker Visitacion, MBA
(Pronouns She/Her/Hers)
Business and Leadership Coach
Moonstone Ventures, LLC


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