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Stewardship of Love

Dec 24, 2021

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

The capacity to hold love for something or someone, that deep sense of affection and care or wellbeing for another and then the capacity to let others hold that for us is far from a simple endeavor.

As I have been reflecting on this past year and the moments in which love has emerged or has been lost, I'm cultivating a deeper curiosity of how to become a better steward of love in all aspects of my life.

The word stewardship implies an active intention to care for and take care of,  so, what does stewardship of "love" look like?  I imagine it might look like keeping the fire lit for what feels most important and cultivating a deeper connections versus maintaining  transactional relationships with ourselves, with others, with our work and with our environment.

As we immerse ourselves in this season of giving, receiving, and engaging in festivities- what is your intention for creating more space for love?  The real kind.  The kind that allows people to be who they are?   The kind that allows you to be who and where you are.  

Maybe we become stewards of love by...

  • being a little less judgmental
  • being present in conversations
  • investing in activities and relationships that bring the best out of you
  • forgiving ourselves and others for our imperfections
  • advocating for social and environmental justice
  • deepening our routines for living in alignment with our values and integrity

What do you think?

From what I have learned about Jesus and all his birth and life represents in our dominant culture, it seems that these pieces are core to his message (as well as many  other religious and spiritual teachings).

Let's rekindle our humanity, our love of the earth, and the promise of each new day.

Let's work together and be stewards of love.

Sending you lots of love today and every day...from my family to yours.

Happy Friday,

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

"Nature Boy", Nat King Cole


Jennifer Visitacion is a Business, Leadership & Life Coach supporting entrepreneurs and community leaders committed to growing a leading their lives and organizations with purpose.

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