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Take A Break

freedom goals personal leadership prioritization reducing overwhelm reflection self care selfcare space sustainability take a break thoughts women entrepreneurs Oct 22, 2021

My family loves to go river rafting. This summer we hired professional guides and paddled in the Grand Canyon. It had been awhile since we were in someone else's boat, following their commands, and we did so willingly as it felt like the stakes were high.

I loved watching the Guide read the water ahead and then tell us to paddle forward two strokes or four or paddle hard or take a break.  Each of those commands represented a strategy to navigate the moment - fully knowing what's coming up around the riverbend.

Taking a break becomes a super important strategy to be able to sustain the paddling through the big waves.

It's no different in navigating business.

We know that success comes from showing up, doing hard things, and building systems over time that will make your operations more effective and efficient.

 We make waves on purpose and sometimes by accident- and if we are following the river analogy, we won't be able to sustain our work without taking a break, resting up and conserving our energy for the most important and exciting waves that we don't want to miss!

So, what are some of the signals that it's time to take a break?

  • you are swirling in indecision
  • you are taking things personally
  • you feel too much weight of responsibility
  • you are burning out

If any of this resonates with's time to take a break.

Maybe it's for 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days. 

Regardless of the time frame - here is a mini-retreat recipe to help you take a break.

Step 1: Decide how much time you are going to give yourself and where you want to be (I recommend being somewhere where you have access to being outside in nature) 

Step 2: Schedule it on your calendar

Step 3: Clear the decks if need be - reschedule meetings/ find support to cover your responsibilities.

Step 4: Go to said space

Step 5: Unplug from technology and communications

Step 6: Get into your body - breathe, move, feel into your senses, quiet your mind.

Step 7: Drink water and eat something nourishing.

Step 8: Decide on purpose which waves you will navigate upon reintegration.

Step 9: Schedule your next break

Step 10: Paddle Forward -  You've got this.

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