These Two

Mar 19, 2021

In 2001, I traveled the country as a "traveling trainer" sponsored by Subaru for the organization Leave No Trace.  I spent the year traveling the country on a National Park Tour- training people in outdoor ethics and minimum impact recreation. One of the highlights of this year on the road was the opportunity to stay in unique places, meeting unique people.

 While traveling in Maine, I stayed with a friend's family on their farm.  I woke up in the morning and sat with the matriarch on her porch- drinking coffee (of course).  She said..."can you hear that"- its spring, that's the first sound of the spring peepers (frogs).

Having lived on the road, there was something so endearing about her connection to the land and the seasons and especially her "knowing".  I remember craving that kind of connection to a place where I could say..."hear that?  its spring".

Fast forward 20 years- here I sit, embarking on my 10th spring at Moonstone Farm.  In February I began looking for these two (geese).  They come back every year.  They were a little late this year.  Why?  I wonder.

Anyway, I'm glad they are back.  
I'm so glad they are connected to the land.
And I'm glad I am too.

These connections, routines, cycles and rituals can be so grounding- knowing that nature will arrive sharing its gifts if we take the time to notice.

What do you notice this time of year? 
Whether you are new or seasoned in your place....
What subtle shifts and gifts do you look forward to?

Happy Spring Equinox this week.


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