Thoughtful Transitions

Feb 19, 2021

All change starts with a catalytic event....a driver that shifts the trajectory from one path to another.

Last fall my garden ended overnight with a massive snow storm on September 8th. The day before we harvested over 200lbs of food in temperatures that were more resonate of summer than fall. That was a catalytic event and the trajectory of our garden changed on that very day.

Sometimes change hits us hard like this....we have to react, not a lot of time to be proactive. Like a pandemic, a school closure, a sudden illness, a loss of a relationship or a job, an insurrection, a horrific weather event.

In these changes, we call on our resilience and trust to dig deep and help us navigate when the path is murky, scary or vulnerable. Maybe we can look to others for guidance and maybe the guidebook has never been written.

Life and business is about navigating changes that we both create and have to respond to.

Because change is hard for everyone involved, perhaps we can be intentional about the change we want to create and how we can be thoughtful about guiding others through transitions when we see a vision that might not be fully understood or shared. 

The most effective intentional change starts with cultivating awareness, then building knowledge and skills , then supporting the shaping of new attitudes and beliefs, then taking action.

Different changes require different speeds, different actions and reactions.

How can we show up as leaders in our families, businesses and communities to prioritize thoughtful transitions as we aim to shape new a new trajectory?

What does thoughtful transition look like to you? 

Happy Friday :)



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