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When to Retreat

reflection retreat space Oct 09, 2020

When to Retreat

by, Jen Visitacion


My husband Joshua and I took a couple of days away together to get some rest and to soak in some hot water.

As we planned our weekend, we put some intention into how we would spend our time both individually and  together.  Our bodies were feeling the end of the farming season, especially with an influx of downed trees to manage, so we knew that taking care of our bodies was the highest priority.  We also knew we needed some time to connect on priorities moving forward this fall.  

As we began to release the tension from the season and to reconnect to nature, ourselves, and each other...our life together came into to focus and a revived vision emerged.

This is not the first time this has happened.  In fact, in any major transition we have created space to "get away" and put intention to our self care and connection.  This is beyond a vacation- its more about purposeful retreat.  

The official definition of retreat has more of a war context...but the dominating energy of the word is to withdraw or to take a step back.  Sometimes we need to retreat from the day to day operations of life or business to gain new perspective and to cultivate the motivation and resilience to keep moving forward. 


I have done this for my own business and life design and in support of my clients who are needing to get clear on their priorities, vision, or sense of purpose.

I recognize that not everyone is able to jump in a car this weekend and take yourself on a personal retreat AND that maybe the thought of trying to organize a retreat for yourself is overwhelming, especially in these times of COVID.  

With that being said, I want to encourage you to consider incorporating some RETREAT intentions into your weekend plans.  Maybe its things you were already planning...but with a bit more thought, you might feel a deeper sense of connection to the result.


This week's mini retreat recipe?

    • Make a cup of coffee or tea and bring it to a new place in your home or yard.  Sit and sip for at least 10 minutes in silence with the intention to observe the beauty around you.  Ignore the thoughts that pop up about projects or aspects that aren't perfect in your view.  Instead, turn your focus to identifying shapes, colors, sounds, smells, activity.   Resist the urge to talk or to include anyone else.  Let this 10 minutes be enough.


If you'd like....snap a selfie and send me a picture of your 10 minute retreat with a caption of your thoughts.   


What came into focus?


What other ideas/ recipes do you have for a mini retreat?


Have a beautiful weekend...whether you choose to advance or retreat :)


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