Reconnect with Your "Why"

When we lose site of our vision and purpose in business, this leads to feelings of overwhelm, "swirling" in indecision and ultimately feelings of burnout.

One of my favorite exercises with clients who are just starting out or re-visioning their businesses is to go back to the core drivers and values...the big "why's".

  • Why did you (or do you) want to start your business?
  • Why is your business concept helpful to others (your customer base)?
  • Why are you the perfect person to pull this off?

I have found that spending time answering these basic, core questions can result in insights that I wasn't expecting (both for myself and my clients).

For example, if one of your "why's " is more time freedom, but you find you are glued to your computer with endless feelings of "there's not enough time"- then something is not in alignment and its worth exploring strategies for making a shift.

The true "bottom line" in business is not how much money you are bringing in... it would be better...

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Harvesting Joy Through Chaos

I'm guessing you have heard the term "reap what you sow." Unfortunately, our hard work doesn't always equate to desired results. Sometimes things don't go as planned, we don’t get a return on that investment, or the seeds we've planted don’t grow ( OR the frost comes right before harvest :).

Regardless of your current situation or the outcome of your efforts - you can harvest joy and REAP reward by following these simple steps: 

- Rest - rest is critical for your body, mind and spirit to renew. It is also critical for decision making and prioritizing. If you are feeling a lack of joy or increased chaos- sleep on it! If this is hard for you...consider mediation, slow walks in nature, warm baths, healthy diet and turning off the screen.

E - Explore Your Nature - each of us are equipped with an internal navigation system that lets us know when something feels “warmer” or “colder”. Track yourself...what interests you?...

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What's Your Story

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2021

We all have stories.

Stories that have shaped how we show up in the world and some that have even defined us.

Stories are generated from the narrative we tell ourselves about our circumstances.

Sometimes those stories perpetuate more stories.

So, what story are you telling today about your business or your life?
What is that narrative?

Is this the story you want to be telling? 
If not, how would you re-write it- even for this weekend?

If you are looking back on Monday evening, what would you have wanted to feel, experience or express?

For me this weekend, I want my story to be that I gave my business brain a rest, that I was open to connection and present in my choices, that my house feels clean, organized and set up for fall, and my body feels hydrated, exercised and nourished.

What about you?

Write your future narrative and see what happens.

 Jen Visitacion
Moonstone Ventures


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Compare & Contrast for that Special Sauce?

I think we all know that it's dangerous to compare ourselves to others, right?

What good becomes of it?

Yet its human nature, like moths to a flame, to take a peek at others' lives and businesses and do a little comparison.

This can be a helpful exercise and can serve you when you are looking for new models, a way to differentiate yourself, or inspiration. It can be harmful when the comparison leaves you feeling like who you are or what you are doing might not be enough.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider trying this deliberate activity of compare and contrast by answering these three simple questions:

  • How are you and this other person or business similar? (find 3 ways)
  • How are you uniquely different? (find 3 ways)
  • How does this serve you and/or your clients/ customers? (find 3 ways)

As you are answering these questions, notice which answers make you feel stronger and more confident. Consider how you might put more intention and focus there. 


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Success Is A Feeling

What would it feel like to be successful in your business?
Have you thought about it that way?
What if the indicators of success were made up completely by you?

Many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed with how they will make their businesses financially sustainable.

While having financial goals is an important piece of the puzzle, I have noticed that even when the money is in the bank, that doesn't mean you will feel successful.

Why is that?

I have a hunch it's because our culture has a tendency to put the pressure on to say it's never enough. We need more security, more systems, more growth, blah blah blah.

Is that true?

What if what we really need is more joy, connection, and space for creativity?


What if focusing on those indicators of success would help the bottom line?

Happy Friday,

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Explore Your Nature

I was thinking this week about my plants in the garden and how some of them thrive in certain spaces and some of them don’t.

On the back of their seed packets are specific instructions for how deep the seeds should be planted, how far apart from each other, when they should be planted (soil temp), etc.

Are people really any different?

Do we each actually have a set of ideal planting and cultivating instructions that if we followed we would set ourselves up to thrive and be more resilient?

What would those be for you?

If you were to write a description of your planting instructions- what would those look like? 

Here are some ideas:

  • What climate does your body enjoy the most? Or do you like change with seasons?
  • How closely do you like to be “planted” next to others? Do you need little or abundant space?
  • Are there certain companions that help you thrive and strengthen your resilience? Are there some that make you feel weaker? Consider what kind of distance or...
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Love The One You're With

I need to head to the big city to get my car serviced, so I’m taking myself on a date.

I plan to sit and savor food in a restaurant and go to a book store and stay in a hotel.

I don’t feel a strong need to “get away” from anything, I just know that spending some quality, intentional time alone is so important.

Without a list, without expectation, without coordinating logistics.

I know that taking this time for me makes me more present and open with others.

It makes me return to home with gratitude for the life I lead and the people I love.

And… it's fun.

What would you do on a date with yourself?

Perhaps it's time to schedule that.

Happy Friday,

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When I think about the freedom I want most for myself and for you… 

it's freedom from suffering.  

Suffering from thoughts that make us feel like we’re somehow not enough, or that there isn’t enough or that any good measure of success starts and ends with our financial statements.   

Suffering from ideas that the weight of the world,  family or business rests solely on our shoulders.

Suffering because a mindset of productivity and responsibility without balance, leads to results of disconnection and overwhelm.

Suffering because we know that inequities of freedom for “some” are at the cost of freedom for all and sometimes we feel powerless to affect change- even in ourselves.

As we enter a weekend intended to celebrate America’s independence and freedom, I invite us to consider if our freedom is in balance or if we are shackled to ideas or ideals that actually create less freedom in our lives or the lives of...

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Uncategorized Jun 25, 2021

18 years ago my partner (Joshua) and I kayaked the Green River in Utah and paddled through the confluence of the Green and the Colorado.  

While the majority of our trip was a float, the confluence of these two major rivers during spring runoff provided a little turbulence and swirly moments that required us to pay just a bit more attention to our surroundings and surrender to the increased flow of the river.

A few months later we got married in the mountains of Colorado with wedding rings inscribed with confluence 2003.  The image of these two rivers coming together to form one massive waterway- was the image we wanted to hold onto of the life we wanted to design and live together. 

In life and business,  I can think of so many examples when the merging of ideas, values, or priorities have the opportunity to coalesce into something powerful if we plan for, navigate, and then surrender to (rather than resist) a little turbulence as it...

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Scouring Stick

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2021

This is not an advertisement.

It's a metaphor. 

And...if you know anything about know I love a good metaphor.

Recently I gathered with some girlfriends for a ladies "power day".

We divided up the day and traveled to each other's houses and helped with projects.

We jumped in and did what was needed at each house. It was fun and productive (we removed wall paper in my bathroom....hooray!).

Anyway, I was introduced to this new tool. The scouring stick.

You see....I have hard, well water. In all of my toilets and sinks there are stains from the hard water that nothing will remove. Not even bleach.

Until now.

This little scouring rid of it in less than 5 minutes.

I have struggled with a strategy for over 10 years....and in less than 5 minutes, it's no longer a struggle or a problem.

So, it got me thinking.....

How often are we trying to solve a problem alone or with the wrong tool?

Perhaps if we are open, our struggles and challenges can be erased when we least...

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