Pressure Release

personal leadership Apr 24, 2020

"I want to wake up every day and do whatever comes in my mind, and not feel pressure or obligations to do anything else in my life." -Michael Jordan


I was texting with a colleague  and she asked me how it was going homeschooling my son, while trying to run a business. 

My response was that it is going "well".


She didn't believe me and said...."Is that true?"

My response:  Absolutely, because I'm not putting too much pressure on him or myself or anything for that matter.

I realized that this is actually my mantra right release the pressure.

on my son,
on my business,
on my expectations of others,
on my marriage,
on my ability to keep a clean house,
on myself.

My metrics for how things are going may fall well below other people's thoughts, standards or expectations.

But I know this is a crucial strategy because I'm finding there is so much tenderness to be present for in the moment, right now.

Too much pressure to perform, to endure, to be...

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I cleaned my closet and now I have hope for the future!

reducing overwhelm Feb 07, 2020

This month in our Pathfinder Posse business cohort, we are talking about Nature and Nurture as a strategy for developing and sustaining a purpose-driven business. 

Regardless of what we are focusing on each month, we always begin our time together talking about the mental "models" that create the feelings in our day to day, the actions that follow those feelings, and ultimately our results.

As we begin to dive into how connecting with the natural world around us and nurturing the nature within can foster personal and organizational resilience, we begin with a small exercise that demonstrates  that the status of our living and/ or work space  is a reflection of what is going on in our thoughts.

Cleaning up our thoughts can help to create a more beautiful and organized living and work space AND cleaning up your living space or work space can create more mental clarity.

This week, I challenged our group to think of a space in their home or office that...

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Hope Ahead

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2020

This has been a week.

I have felt so much swirling energy around, its been hard to tell what is "mine" and what belongs to the "others" or the world around me.

At every level I have felt chaos surrounding- at home, with clients, with community, and certainly in our country, our world and especially our environment.

I'm reminded to keep mining and reflecting "hope".

As I reflect and search around about phrase sticks with me:

"to cherish a desire with anticipation"

Two things jump out when I read this:

1. how important it is to have clarity of the desired state
2. permission to believe its possible

What is it that you are hoping for?

Are you clear on what that would really look like?

Can you give yourself permission to believe its possible and enjoy that feeling?

Cheers to being hopeful.

Hope is a waking dream.

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